Apple Watch should use taptic feedback during workouts

Number:rdar://21805469 Date Originated:13-Jul-2015 05:13 PM
Status:Duplicate/20800315 Resolved:
Product:watchOS Product Version:1.0
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
The Apple Watch is difficult to use in bright sunlight. The OLED display is beautiful and easier to read outside than an LCD display. But even though it's better, the display is still hard to read during an outdoor workout.

Given Apple's legendary secrecy, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the watch's development and testing was done in a gym. I find the display much more comfortable to use during an indoor cycle than an outdoor run.

Taptic feedback feels like a lost opportunity here. For a timed workout, give me a tap on the wrist at five minute intervals (which would also act as a nice reminder that you forgot to end a workout!) Calorie-based workouts could give you feedback when you go above or below a target range.

These kinds of feedback mechanisms would benefit all kinds of workouts: you can focus on your workout more by looking at your watch less.


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