Template images render incorrectly on Apple Watch

Number:rdar://23538421 Date Originated:13-Nov-2015 12:08 PM
Status:Duplicate/24065628 Resolved:
Product:watchOS SDK Product Version:2.0.1 (13S428)
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always

Template images render incorrectly on an Apple Watch device.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Open the attached project
2) Run the project on the Watch simulator
3) Note the corners at the center of the plus sign on the screen
4) Run the project on an Apple Watch device
5) Note the corners at the center of the plus sign on the screen

Expected Results:

In steps 3 & 5, the corners should be sharp.

Actual Results:

In step 3, the corners (in the simulator) are sharp. In step 5, the corners have a fringe.


Not known: I never tried this with previous versions of watchOS.


The source image in the project is "plus.png" in the "Clicker WatchKit App" target's Assets catalog.

The fringe is caused when a tint is applied to the image. If no tint is applied, the corners are sharp.

For reference, the following images demonstrate the problem.

The original image:


How it renders on the device:


Original image rendered on top of device result:


Original image rendered on top of simulator result:



April 26, 2016:

Please re-open this bug. I thought it was fixed, but is still present in watchOS 2.2 (13V144).

The gotcha is that the Bold Text option needs to be enabled (Settings > Brightness & Text Size > Bold Text = ON)

This is probably why it also works fine in the watchOS Simulator: there is no option there to enable Bold Text.


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