No clearly documented method of determining if 24h time is enabled

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It's occasionally important to know if the user has 24 hour time enabled. For instance, a device may way to sync the users time preference to a peripheral, or a user may want to present a custom date string or UI element. The only manner to check this using NSDateFormatter:

NSString *format = [NSDateFormatter dateFormatFromTemplate:@"j" options:0 locale:[NSLocale currentLocale]];
BOOL is24Hour = ([format rangeOfString:@"a"].location == NSNotFound);

It would be nice to have something analogous to:

[[NSLocale currentLocale] uses24HourTime];

Steps to Reproduce:
Attempt to get 24 hour time.

Expected Results:
To find a boolean on `NSLocale`

Actual Results:
Search NSLocale for a solution and fail. Search Stack Overflow and find this answer: Ask on Slack to see if there's a better way. Receive a general consensus that this is the best way. Be told that you should file a radar to request your enhancement.

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