No link to resolution center after In App Purchase rejection

Number:rdar://33334219 Date Originated:July 15, 2017
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iTunes Connect Product Version:
Classification:usability / UI Reproducible:always
Apple ID of the App: 966632553

Apple ID of the User:

After a new auto-renewing subscription has been submitted for approval, and the review team rejects it, a message appears in iTunes Connect asking the developer to contact the review team via the resolution center, but the link to open the resolution center is not displayed.

Steps to Reproduce:
Submit a new In App Purchase for an auto-renewing subscription. Make the review team reject it.

Expected Results:
A link to the resolution center should appear somewhere near the rejected subscription, or at least where it appears after a binary submission has been rejected.

Observed Results:
No link to the resolution center is displayed.



Happens on Safari 10.1.11 MacOS 10.12.5


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