[iOS11]: User has to tap app button twice to open app when call is received on lock screen

Number:rdar://33451050 Date Originated:July 21 2017, 12:26 PM
Status:New Resolved:No
Product:CallKit Product Version:iOS 11.0 beta 3 (15A5318g)
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always

When an incoming call is received by an application which uses CallKit and the device is locked, it has to tap the application icon twice in order to open the application.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Download the Speakerbox sample application which demonstrates how to use CallKit create a VoIP app from https://developer.apple.com/library/content/samplecode/Speakerbox/Introduction/Intro.html
2) Build and run this application on iPhone which has iOS 11 installed
3) Simulate an incoming call by tapping "Simulate Incoming Call..." at the bottom of the screen (see attached video)
4) Lock the device
5) Receive an incoming call and tap the Speakerbox application icon

Expected Results:
The device is switched to the Speakerbox application

Observed Results:
The screen is black and calling buttons are shown, upon tapping the application icon for the second time the expected switch is performed

iOS 11.0 beta 3 (15A5318g)

This issue can be reproduced on other devices capable of running iOS 11.

iPhone 6s+ (MKU72QN/A)


Volodymyr Magazii

Looks to be fixed in iOS 11 Beta 7 (15A5362a). Closing the bug.

Volodymyr Magazii

Can still be reproduced with iOS 11 beta 5 (15A5341f)

Volodymyr Magazii

It's the case for other apps. SpeakerBox was used as a sample others have to behave like. This bug is filed because Skype for Business we are developing has it. Please see attached video with this issue reproduced for WhatsApp.

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations

Does this only occur with speakerbox? What about an app like whatsapp?

Volodymyr Magazii

Can still be reproduced with iOS 11 beta 4 (15A5327g). See attached video of captured screen on the device.

Apple Developer Relations

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