Can't perform authentication From Safari for the Dropbox SDK

Number:rdar://33833796 Date Originated:08/10/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:Safari Product Version:iOS 11 Beta 4/5
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
For authorizing third-party apps, Dropbox has a “dAuth” flow, which allows a third-party app to make an `openURL` call to the official Dropbox app, then have the official app authenticate on behalf of the third-party app, then make an `openURL` call back to the third-party app with an authorization token.

The issue

When the first `openURL` call is made to the official app, the official app presents a view controller that allows the user to either authorize, cancel, or “Use a different [Dropbox] account”

Currently, this “Use a different account” button initiates another `openURL` call which opens a Dropbox login page in the Safari app.

In iOS 11 beta 4 & 5, however, the redirect back from the Safari app fails when choosing to use a different account, due to security restrictions in Safari:

    "Safari cannot open the page because it cannot redirect to locations starting with "db-<appkey>:"

`db-<appkey>` is the custom URL scheme that we require third-party apps to register to listen to so that they can handle redirects back from the official Dropbox app.

This is not an issue when the redirect occurs from `SFSafariViewController` – which is the standard third-party auth flow – nor when the user directly taps “Allow” from the official app view.

Our confusion

Strangely, this doesn’t happen for all inter-app redirects from Safari app. For example, Dropbox shared links when opened from Safari app on iOS 11 beta 5 redirect successfully to the official app.

Our question is why this would be happening for our `db-<appkey>` prefaced links.

The problem with `SFSafariViewController`

`SFSafariViewController` works reasonably well, but it is problematic for two reason:

- No inter-app redirect listener
- No option to disable the Safari app button

Because we are unable to “listen” to redirect events, when the controller is launched, we have no idea when/if the user redirects successfully, meaning that we are unable to dismiss the controller in the official app, upon successful redirect.

Also, `SFSafariViewController`s have a button on the bottom right of the screen that allows the user to open the content they’re viewing in the full-fledged Safari app. This button is problematic because of the aforementioned issue with trying to progress through the auth flow using the Safari app.

Our asks

- A way to use Safari app to launch a custom redirect OR
- A way to listen for redirect events and disable the Safari button in `SFSafariViewController`

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run an app using the API v2 Objective-C SDK on a device or simulator running iOS 11 with the official Dropbox iOS app installed.
2. Call authorizeFromController.
3. After being sent to the official Dropbox iOS app, tap 'Use a different account'.
4. Now in Safari, sign in and tap 'Allow'.

Expected Results:
5. You're redirected back to the third party app, completing the app authorization flow.

Observed Results:
5. Safari displays the prompt:
> This form is not secure. Are you sure you want to submit it?
6. Tap "Submit".
7. Safari displays the error:
> Safari cannot open the page because it cannot redirect to locations starting with "db-<appkey>:".

iOS 11 beta 4 & iOS 11 Beta 5


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