How will "Offload Unused Apps" deal with App Extension usage?

Number:rdar://33834200 Date Originated:08/10/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
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In iOS 11 users will be able to toggle "Offload Unused Apps" that will proactively delete apps they do not use in order to save space in the device. Does using an extension (e.g. Share Extension, Action Extension, Today Widget, Doc Picker, File Profider Extension, File Provider Extension) count towards the "app being used", and therefore prevents the app from being deleted? More importantly, if an app is not opened and only the File Provider extension is run from the, will the app be safe from deletion in that case?

Steps to Reproduce:
An app that does not get opened, and is only used through extensions.

Expected Results:
Expect that the app does not get deleted through "Offload Unused Apps"

Observed Results:
Not sure yet.


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