Conflict Resolution API on FileProvider Extensions?

Number:rdar://33834672 Date Originated:08/10/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
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- While implementing file edits/upload logic in the new File Provider Extension, it has become clear to us that the conflict resolution logic our storage system has is not the same as iCloud's and neither are the same assumptions true. Is there a way for us to communicate a conflict has happened to the user in the current API, or any way to ask them to act on deciding what the correct version of a file should be? Essentially, is there a conflict resolution API?

Steps to Reproduce:
Have a file upload using the Dropbox upload logic for an edit. If there has been another edit from another user to the same file, then the second edit will create a "conflicted copy" file, which is effectively a new file. However there is no good way to surface that through the File Provider API at this point.

Expected Results:
We'd expect there to be a way to notify the user that their edit/upload has created a new conflicted copy file. Or a way for them to decide what should happen to that conflict.

Observed Results:
There is no feedback to the user and they might be confused to see their edits commit to a new file.





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