crashes when attempting to open a domain-scoped provider

Number:rdar://33845780 Date Originated:2017-08-10
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:11b5
Classification: Reproducible:
# Description:
Attempting to open a domain-scoped provider from the sidebar of the crashes the application due to FPItemCollection encountering an error.

# Steps to Reproduce:
1. Implement rudimentary support for a File Provider in the project
2. Add new NSFileProviderDomains via the NSFileProviderManager
3. Sustain crash described in rdar://33845747
4. Reopen the
5. Try to open the new File Provider

# Expected Results: starts querying the relevant instance of NSFileProviderExtension for items.

# Observed Results: crashes, the NSFileProviderExtension process continues unaffected.

# Notes:
Likely related to rdar://33845747, since crash stacks are roughly the same.


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