iOS 11: when Siri Female or Siri Male is set for Accessibility’s Speech voice, it’s not used for reading selected text.

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# Summary:

I wanted to use the new iOS 11 high-quality Siri voice to read off a paragraph of text on my phone. I have Siri Female selected as the voice for Accessibility’s Speech settings, but when I selected some text and tapped “Speak”, it read it off in the voice for Samantha.

# Steps to Reproduce:

Part 1: Set up the Siri voice for Text to Speech:

1. In, go to General: Accessibility: Speech.
2. Turn on Speak Selection.
3. Turn on Speak Screen.
3. Select Voices: English:
4. Enable Siri Female or Siri Male as the Speech voice.

Part 2: Test it with some text:

1. Open
2. Type a sentence. For example, “Hello, my name is Siri.”
3. Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to trigger the screen reader.
4. Select the text, and select “Speak”.

# Expected Results:

The audio from screen reading and from the "speak selected text" action should match, and play Siri Female. 

The audio from reading off the phrase, "Hello, my name is Siri" should sound like it does when played in Accessibility for the Siri Female: it's the same text and the same voice selection.

# Actual Results:

It does not use Siri Female when speaking selected text. (It sounds like it uses Samantha?)

# Version/Build:

iOS 11.0.2 on an iPhone 6s
iOS 11.0.3 on an iPhone 7 Plus

# Additional notes:

This bug appears to affect both Siri Female and Siri Male for English.

This bug affects reading selected text, but does not affect the screen reader.

This bug does not appear to affect any other voices, as far as I can tell. (I tested several: for all other non-Siri voices, the selected voice under Speech is used both for screen reading and for speak selected content.)


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See : rdar://34819585

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