Cannot create AVDisplayCriteria

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I have an app which implements a custom video player using GLKView.

I would like to take advantage of the new AVDisplayManager APIs in tvOS 11.2 to automatically switch the output framerate to match the video content.

However, there are no public APIs available to create an AVDisplayCriteria given a framerate. The only way to retrieve an AVDisplayCriteria object is via AVAsset. However, I am not using AVPlayer so I don't have an AVAsset.

Please expose a public API to retrieve an AVDisplayCriteria for a given framerate and dynamic range.

(For my purposes, I would only need access to two predefined AVDisplayCritera objects: 60hz/SDR and 50hz/SDR)


Please refer to:

UIAppSupportsHDR specifies whether the app supports HDR mode on Apple TV 4K. If the key's value is NO and Apple TV 4K is in HDR mode, Apple TV switches to SDR mode before launching the app, and it switches back to HDR mode when the app resigns. If the key is not present or its value is YES, the device remains in HDR mode when the app launches. HDR mode on Apple TV 4K uses the GPU to compose the content that appears on the screen. GPU bound apps, such as games, can access more of the GPU by opting out of HDR support, that is, setting UIAppSupportsHDR to NO. However, switching between HDR and SDR modes may cause color flashing to appear on the screen. Apps should only opt out when absolutely necessary. This key is supported in tvOS 11.2 and later.

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