MKMapView often causes VoiceOver to repeatedly says "Places visible: zero"

Number:rdar://37471614 Date Originated:12-Feb-2018 04:49 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 11.2
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
MKMapView often causes VoiceOver to repeatedly says "Places visible: zero" even when there are visible places. When it happens 

Steps to Reproduce:
I wasn't able to reproduce this in a demo project. Without access to MKMapView's accessibility source code it's hard to pin-point exactly what causes this.

It happens in Transit, the app, ( ) which is an app and not the transit MKMapView map type. Happens especially when turning on VoiceOver in a route’s map view (tap on a line in the home screen, then select the map pin icon).

I’ve also seen it happen in a free app called “Walkmeter” ( ). Has been reported in a comment on this page ( ). I can’t link to a comment so here’s the full relevant paragraph:
“Apart from the nightmare with the siri voices, the only significant bug I've encountered is with my walkmeter app; not sure if the issue is specific to walkmeter or if it's a voiceover bug, but basicly, what's happening is that while the app is open, VO continually says "no places visible" I tried disabling automatic text detection, but it had absolutely no effect. So, for now, I have to 3 finger doubletap to turn off speech while I'm doing my treadmill walk, and then, when I'm done, I have to turn speech back on and try to find the stop and done buttons while constantly being interrupted by the "0 places visible" message. I'd love to do a screen recording of this bug, but I don't know if I would need to send it to apple or walkmeter.”

Expected Results:
VoiceOver should only list the “Places visible” at predictable moments and should actually list them correctly all the time.

Actual Results:
Sometimes, VoiceOver will begin repeatedly saying “Places visible: zero” and it prevents the user from using the app.

iOS 11.2



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