No public tool exists to collect indoor mapping data

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Apple's indoor surveying app - Indoor Survey [1] - is only available to 'business and venues that have a registered and approved account on' (per the app description).

It would be a huge benefit to the developer community and the platform to make this tool publicly available. This is because, other than this app, there exist no other first-class product for using an iOS device to survey indoor spaces.

The WWDC 2017 talk 'Taking Core Location Indoors' (Session 708) extensively promotes using indoor location data as another form of context. It even discusses an app experience where a user might order a drink from inside their hotel room and then, using a surveyed indoor space, the drink can be delivered when they later arrive on a casino room floor. However, Apple doesn't even offer the tools to create the mapping data to implement this functionality.

Since the app already exists, it would be great to make it available to developers to build these experiences.

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