Weakness in C++ RTTI comparison

Number:rdar://45821794 Date Originated:November 5 2018, 11:50 PM
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Product:macOS + SDK Product Version:
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It looks like there's a weakness in the implementation of C++ RTTIs (run-time type information) when compiling a large C++ project, linking many static libraries, with compile-time and link-time optimization.

Issue happens within `std::type_info::operator==`.
Note that this operator is well defined by the current C++ standard, and should return true for equivalent types.

The issue happened in a project in which the operator returned false when comparing `typeid( std::string )`, issued from some compilation unit, with `typeid( std::string )` from another compilation unit.

I wasn't able to reproduce this in a test project unfortunately.
But looking at the generated assembly code, I can definitely see a weakness here.

Steps to Reproduce:

    const std::type_info & getT1( void )
        return typeid( std::string );

    const std::type_info & getT2( void )
        return typeid( std::string );

    int main( void )
        const std::type_info & t1( getT1() );
        const std::type_info & t2( getT2() );
        if( t1 == t2 )
            return 0;
        return -1;

Expected Results:

Function `main` should obviously return 0.

Actual Results:

It turns out `std::type_info::operator==` cannot always be trusted when used in different static libraries.

Generated assembly code:

     1:    push       rbp
     2:    mov        rbp, rsp
     3:    sub        rsp, 0x30
     4:    mov        dword [rbp+var_14], 0x0
     5:    call       __Z5getT1v
     6:    mov        qword [rbp+var_20], rax
     7:    call       __Z5getT2v
     8:    mov        qword [rbp+var_28], rax
     9:    mov        rax, qword [rbp+var_20]
    10:    mov        rcx, qword [rbp+var_28]
    11:    mov        qword [rbp+var_8], rax
    12:    mov        qword [rbp+var_10], rcx
    13:    mov        rax, qword [rbp+var_8]
    14:    mov        rax, qword [rax+8]
    15:    mov        rcx, qword [rbp+var_10]
    16:    cmp        rax, qword [rcx+8]

`getT1` is called at line 5 and `getT2` at line 7.
At line 16, we can see a comparison with a member at offset 8 of the two returned objects.

This member is actually the mangled name of the C++ type, like:


Problem is the comparison uses the addresses, not the value.
If for any reason, due to optimization or linking, the same type resolves to a different address, comparison will fail.

Since the implementation is using the mangled name for comparing `std::type_info` objects, it should then compare the values, not the addresses.

I encountered this issue in a large C++ project.
Comparing two `std::type_info` returned false, although the `name` value was identical.

I found two similar issues:
 - https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=23628
 - https://svn.boost.org/trac10/ticket/754

Both seem to occur with GCC, but looks like Clang has the same issue.


I should add that the issue only happened in release builds. Debug builds were working as expected. Release builds were compiled with -Os and monolithic linking.

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