earching CNContactPickerViewController when in multiple-select does not call CNContactPickerDelegate

Number:rdar://46188469 Date Originated:November 20 2018
Status: Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
## Area:

## Summary

`CNContactPickerPickerViewController` allows us to display the contacts in our Address Book.  It has single selection and multiple selection modes.  These modes are determined based upon which method is conformed to in `CNContactPickerDelegate`.  Multiple selection mode is selected by implementing:

func contactPicker(_ picker: CNContactPickerViewController, didSelect contacts: [CNContact])

When in multiple selection mode, searching for a contact and then selecting a result does not call the delegate method.

## Steps To Reproduce:

1) Instaniate `CNContactPickerPickerViewController`
2) Set delegate
3) Conform to `didSelect contacts: [CNContact]`
4) `present` the view controller
5) Run
6) Tap search bar and start typing
7) Tap any result

## Expected Results:

View is dismissed and  `didSelect contacts: [CNContact]` is called

## Actual Results:

Nothing happens

## Test App Steps To Reproduce:

1) Tap Go
2) Search for a name in search bar
3) Tap a result

## Configuration:

Xcode 10.1, iOS 12.1, iPhone XS Max



3 years old.

Hi, I discovered this a month before you, and I was already 3 years late. See https://openradar.appspot.com/45621483 — it has been like that since iOS 9, and the bug is still in iOS 13, which you should report with the Feedback Assistant (I did, as you can see)

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