Safari for iPhone: window.getSelection(); in a bookmarklet does not work

Number:rdar://7013257 Date Originated:2009-06-27
Status:Duplicate Resolved:
Product:iPhone Product Version:3.0
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
When a JavaScript bookmarklet in Safari for iPhone 3.0 uses window.getSelection(), it does not work. The selection is removed as soon as the bookmarks menu is opened.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install a JavaScript bookmarklet that uses window.getSelection(), like the one here: or the "view selection" one here:
2. Open a web page
3. Select some text
4. Tap the bookmarks button
5. Select the bookmarklet

Expected Results:
The bookmarklet should be able to access the selected text.

Actual Results:
As soon as the bookmarks button is tapped, the selection is removed, so the script is unable to see what text was selected.





This is a duplicate of rdar://7024250

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