Installation Test instructions for Mac App Store are incomplete

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Product:Documentation Product Version:10.6.6
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The "Test the Installation Process" section of the "Submitting to the Mac App Store" document is incomplete.

Steps to Reproduce:

Follow the instructions on the developer web site:

Expected Results:

You should have enough information to install and launch your application.

Actual Results:

The instructions only test that the installer package can be read and written to the Applications folder. Developers will also want to run their applications prior to submission to iTunes Connect.




The documentation should mention that the installation process can fail if duplicate copies of the app are present elsewhere on the system (e.g. in the build folder.)

The documentation should also mention that sandbox users accounts can be created in iTunes Connect (under Manage Users.) These user names and passwords can then be entered after launching the installed application and a receipt will be generated in the application's _MASReceipt folder. In order for this launch test to work, the app metadata must be defined in iTunes Connect (a binary does not need to be uploaded, it only needs to show up in "Manage Your Apps".)


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