UIFindInteraction does not clear search textfield

Number:rdar://FB10170943 Date Originated:11/06/2022
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:UIKit.framework Product Version:16.0
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
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UIFindInteraction does not clear search textfield 

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A new `UIFindInteraction` instance does not clear the search textfield associated with it. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. In a Navigation Stack app, push a view controller that has a searchable document and UIFindInteraction implemented. 
2. Open the view controller with the associated UIFindInteraction.
3. Trigger the find interaction and search in the document. 
4. Tap on done (on the find interaction accessory toolbar presented by the UIFindInteraction)
5. Dismiss the view controller by swiping or tapping on the back button. 
6. Present the view controller again. 
7. Trigger the find interaction. The search field has the text from the previous interaction intact. 

Expected Result:

Every UIFindInteraction instance should have its own internal cache of the search field text instead of a global shared instance for the app.



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