Safari fails to render the page sometimes on

Number:rdar://FB13288171 Date Originated:2023-10-19
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Product:Safari Product Version:17.0 (18616., 18616)
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Since updating Safari to version 17, the duckduckgo search results page sometimes freezes. 

It looks like the scroll input is registered fine, but the DDG page is not re-rendered until I Cmd+Tab away from Safari, and Cmd+Tab back. Then the page is re-rendered at the new scroll position.
I can also click on elements on the page and it will work fine (e.g. the search result page will open as usual), but I cannot be sure what I'm clinking on, because the page is not rendering.

Attached is a video of the issue.
I am scrolling through the whole length of the video, and nothing happens.
I can click links fine (though notice how the hover state of the page elements is not rendered).
Midway thought the video, I start Cmd+Tabbing away and coming back to Safari multiple times, all while scrolling. Notice how each time I bring back Safari the page is redrawn at its correct scroll position, but never directly while I'm scrolling (which makes it look like the page is frozen).

See also this reddit thread where multiple users are reporting the same problem :


Reproduced on Safari Version 17.1 (18616., 18616)

By guillaume.algis at Nov. 6, 2023, 3:18 p.m. (reply...)

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