Cascade delete does not work
Number:rdar://FB13445046 Date Originated:2023-12-04
Status:Closed Resolved:iOS 18
Product:SwiftData Product Version:iOS 17.2 Seed 3 (21C5046c)
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
I have attached a sample project demonstrating the usage of `DeleteRule.cascade` on a one-to-many relationship. The cascade delete does not work. Only the objects that I explicitly specify to be deleted are actually deleted and the other side of the relationship is set to `nil`.



We were not reproducing this behavior on iOS 18.

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iOS 18 Beta (Build: 22A5282m) Posted Date: June 10, 2024

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We checked the store before and after the deletion of the parent was performed and the delete cascades- objects from both sides of the relationship are deleted. Tested with the sample application provided.

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I am still able to reproduce the issue with iOS 17.5 Beta 2. See the attached screenshot. I have circled the issue in red. After deleting the parent, the child is still alive and its parent relationship is set to nil.

Are you sure you checked the right store? The sample application uses an in-memory store.

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