Equivalent tracks API returns incorrect track

Number:rdar://FB13471297 Date Originated:2023-12-15
Status:Closed Resolved:2024-05-14
Product:MusicKit Product Version:Web
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
I am trying to use the Apple Music API to fetch a track in one storefront given a catalog ID from another storefront. This is the intended use case of the equivalent tracks API. However, the API sometimes returns tracks that are *not* equivalent.

For example, the attached sample project sends the following request:

The catalog ID 156088084 is from the CA storefront but it does exist in the US storefront. (The song is “Legend of the Lamp” by “Alan Menken” in “Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”.)

However, the above equivalent tracks request returns the following:
  tracks: [
      id: 1460037942,
      title: "Die Geschichte der Lampe",
      artistName: "Peer Augustinski",
      albumName: Optional("Aladdin (Deutscher Original Film-Soundtrack)")
  requestedCatalogIDToEquivalentCatalogIDs: [
    156088084: [

The response indicates that 1460037942 is the equivalent track. However… the song is in a completely different language! In this case, the original catalog ID should have been returned since it was available in the US storefront.



We believe this has been improved, please verify and let us know.

By darren.mo at May 18, 2024, 1:13 a.m. (reply...)

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