AVAudioRecorder init crash

Number:rdar://FB7677561 Date Originated:04/26/2020
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:13.4
Classification:Bug Reproducible:always
AVAudioRecorder.init(url:settings:) crashes instead of throwing an error.

See the example project: https://github.com/paulz/CrashInAVAudioRecorderInit/blob/master/CrashInAVAudioRecorderInitTests/CrashInAVAudioRecorderInitTests.swift#L27

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open project in Xcode
2. Run Tests
3. Notice 2 passing tests for successful and error cases
4. Notice crash in test3ExpectingNilActualCrash


Code snippet demonstrating the problem

    let invalidUrlCausingCrash = URL(string: "mailto:bugreport@apple.com")!
    let recorder = try? AVAudioRecorder(url: invalidUrlCausingCrash, settings: [:])

// Causing crash: *** CFEqual() called with NULL first argument ***
// in CFEqual.cold.1 ()
// Expecting throw error instead of a crash

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