Two warnings (`-[NSMutableArray addObjectsFromArray:]: array argument is not an NSArray warning`) when setting bar button items on a ViewController

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While using Xcode 12 beta 4 I noticed that setting a bar button on the navigation bar is triggering two identical warnings: "-[NSMutableArray addObjectsFromArray:]: array argument is not an NSArray warning".

Here's how to reproduce this issue:

- Code-based navigation (so, no Storyboards)
- Make the first UIViewController's Navigation Controller push the second UIViewController
- Inside the second UIViewController's "viewDidLoad" method try to set a button in the nav bar like this:

 navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = UIBarButtonItem(barButtonSystemItem: .save, target: self, action: #selector(saveTapped))

- When running the app, two warnigs should appear.

Here's a sample project in which this behavior is clearly visible:

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