Switch control does not detect Shortcuts widget

Number:rdar://FB9777502 Date Originated:23/11/2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS & iPadOS Product Version:15.1
Classification:A11Y Reproducible:Yes
I’m using the Item selection mode in Switch control. I created shortcuts using the Shortcuts app and I added the Shortcuts widget to the Home Screen. Unfortunately, the scanning system does not detect the Shortcuts widget (see attach image and video). I’ve tried it placing the widget on different parts of the screen and also with all three different versions of the widget and the result is the same. 

To solve this bug would be really important for switch control users with cognitive impairments (that find hard navigating the Switch Control menu) as they could access unlimited features (music and media control, home automation control, etc.) through Shortcuts on their Home Screen.


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