Region monitoring stops launching app when device has rebooted since iOS 14.8.1

Number:rdar://FB9798053 Date Originated:6/12/2021
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS Product Version:14.8.1+
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected behavior Reproducible:Yes
# Issue
From tests we’ve done it appears the for iOS 14.8.1 and higher, system is not re-launching our app on region boundary changes after the device has lost power and is turned back on. As long as the device has not lost power, region monitoring seems to function correctly, and even relaunches the app on boundary changes.

We also tested this behavior on iOS 13, where even after a device reboot, region monitoring resumes, and re-launches the app in the background to handle region boundary changes.

# Reproduction scenario
Assumed for the following scenario’s is we have an app which has region monitoring setup, and some functionality is in place to track wether region exits/enters triggered ( check for delegate calls `locationManager:didDetermineState:forRegion`).
	1.	Ensure background refresh is enabled
	2.	Launch the app
	3.	Setup region monitoring
	4.	Reboot the device
	5.	Do relaunch or open the app
	6.	Exit your defined region
	7.	Enter your defined region

# Expected behavior
Region exit and enter are tracked.

# Actual behavior
- Region exit and enter are not tracked after iOS 14.8.1.
- Region exit and enter are tracked pre iOS 14.8.1.


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