albumImported smart album returns the panoramas collection instead of imported photos collection

Number:rdar://FB9892143 Date Originated:08/02/2022
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:15
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Using the `PHAssetCollection.fetchAssetCollections(with:subtype:options)` API to fetch user's smart albums returns a panoramas collection when trying to find the imported photos collection, using the call below:

`PHAssetCollection.fetchAssetCollections(with: .smartAlbum, subtype: .albumImported, options: nil)`

If one would take the resulting collection from the call above, and use the `PHAsset.fetchAssets(in:options)`, they would receive all user's panoramas instead all of the user's imported photos. Here's a more complete example on how to reproduce the issue:

func panoramasEqualsImported() {
      let importedCollection = PHAssetCollection.fetchAssetCollections(with: .smartAlbum,
                                                                       subtype: .albumImported,
                                                                       options: nil)

      let panoramasCollection = PHAssetCollection.fetchAssetCollections(with: .smartAlbum,
                                                                        subtype: .smartAlbumPanoramas,
                                                                        options: nil)

      guard let importedCollection = importedCollection.firstObject, let panoramasCollection = panoramasCollection.firstObject else { return }

      let importedResults = PHAsset.fetchAssets(in: importedCollection, options: nil)
      let panoramaResults = PHAsset.fetchAssets(in: panoramasCollection, options: nil)

      let importedAssets = importedResults.objects(at: IndexSet(integersIn: 0..<importedResults.count)).map { $0.localIdentifier }
      let panoramaAssets = panoramaResults.objects(at: IndexSet(integersIn: 0..<panoramaResults.count)).map { $0.localIdentifier }

      let areAlbumsEqual = importedAssets.elementsEqual(panoramaAssets) // true


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