iOS 15.2 simulator crashes when pasting into text field

Number:rdar://FB9936216 Date Originated:20220301
Status: Resolved:Potential fix identified - For a future OS update
Product:Simulator Product Version:Xcode 13.2.1
Classification:Application Crash Reproducible:Yes
Running Xcode Version 13.2.1 (13C100) with an iPhone 13 mini simulator, the simulator will sometimes restart when pasting (using ⌘V) into the running app.

Start an app with a text field in the simulator. Press ⌘V to paste from the pasteboard into the simulator.

The contents of the pasteboard should be pasted into the app’s text field.

Sometimes, the simulator will abruptly restart.
Sometimes, nothing will happen and the mouse must be used to paste via iOS’s own interface.


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