(iOS 15.4 beta ( all versions ) : WCSession.isComplicationEnabled always returns false even when app complication is active)

Number:rdar://FB9946393 Date Originated:3/7/22
Status: Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:15.4
Classification:WatchConnectivity Framework Reproducible:YES
In iOS 15.4 beta, with an active watch extension complication, WCSession.default.isComplicationEnabled always returns FALSE, even when the paired watch has an active complication for the same app.  All previous version of iOS tested 14.x - 15.2 will correctly return TRUE when the user has an active complication.

Steps to reproduce:  (Used Xcode beta 13.3 b3 & iOS15.4 b5)
1. Open or create any iOS app with a watchKit extension and compilation controller.
    This tutorial will work https://www.raywenderlich.com/17749320-complications-for-watchos-with-swiftui
2. On the connected watch, select the complication from that app
3. Add a breakpoint in the iOS app to any view 
4. Use the debugger to inspect the connected watch session
#PO WCSession.defuault.isComplicationEnabled   — returns FALSE always

Run same project on shipping / live iOS 14 or 15 and the session  isComplicationEnabled will return TRUE as expected


It was said that 15.5 betas also had this issue.

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