Xcode beachballs constantly trying to edit Swift source file containing enum with very large number of cases

Number:rdar://FB9953923 Date Originated:3/11/2022
Status:Closed Resolved:Fixed
Product:Xcode Product Version:Xcode 13.3 RC (13E113)
Classification:Application Slow/Unresponsive Reproducible:100%
When editing the file <https://github.com/vapor/mysql-nio/blob/main/Sources/MySQLNIO/Protocol/MySQLProtocol%2BErrorCode.swift>, whether as part of the package containing it or by itself, Xcode becomes almost unusable. The file takes an average of ten seconds to open on my machine (profile is attached), and any given editing operation - including scrolling - will randomly (as far as I can tell) either work at normal speed or beachball for anywhere between one and a dozen seconds before proceeding. This happens regardless of whether other files, projects, or applications are open.


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