Contacts Should Include a Pronouns Field

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The Contacts application on macOS and iOS should include a field for the contact’s pronouns. As more people around the world add pronouns to their email signatures, work profiles, and social media accounts, it’s a glaring omission that users of iOS cannot easily note them in the built-in Contacts application.

While it is possible to enter pronouns in the "Notes" field, this lacks any sort of semantic meaning or possibility for display at key places in the OS. Plus it can be hard to remember to do.

A well-implemented pronouns field in iOS would:
* Display a contact’s pronouns prominently on the contact card in the header, in search results, and potentially in Messages when tapping on the header.
* Allow users to easily check a contact’s pronouns and avoid misgendering them in communication.
* Support multiple sets of pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, shey/they, etc.), no pronouns, any pronouns, neopronouns (, and user-entered text for when the built in set of pronouns was not included. (See Instagram and TikTok’s implementations).
* If implemented semantically (rather than as text field), allow for the OS and other apps to use a contact’s pronouns in smart ways. e.g. "It’s Kate’s birthday! Send her a card?”. Of course, localizations will only be able to support a limited set of pronouns at launch, but Facebook handles this well by making that clear in the UI. 
* Allow for automatic sharing via iMessage in a method similar to avatar and name sharing.
* Affect how Siri refers to a contact who you’re messaging with.
* Be exposed in the Contacts API, import, and export.
* Sync via iCloud (and other services once it’s supported).
* Be added to the vCard standard. (I’ll be messaging their mailing list separately and will update this radar with a link.)

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Neopronouns are inherently language- and culture-bound and cannot be used in any useful way.

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