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rdar://8692954 Open michael iPhone SDK UIWebView fails to play inline media using a custom URL protocol
rdar://8446587 Open jwight iPhone SDK iOS cannot load video/audio through a NSURLProtocol
rdar://8087384 Duplicate charles.parnot Mac OS X Underflow with NSURLProtocol in GC environment
rdar://716337334 Open m.kuratczyk iOS Review of Manual OCSP Requests for SecTrustEvaluate (iOS makes OCSP requests outside of NSURLProtocol)
rdar://39391319 Open andrew_morrow macOS + SDK Race condition with custom NSURLProtocol ignores HTTP 3xx redirects
rdar://34329423 Open 0x00001eaf iOS + SDK Cookies are not handled by NSURLSession's URLProtocol client
rdar://30325261 Open justf4st iOS [NSURLSession sharedSession] protocols can't be unregistered. NSURLConnection worked fine with it.
rdar://26599310 Open madisonsolarana iOS Crash in
rdar://24231298 Open DanyRSchneider iOS Add support for NSURLProtocol to WKWebView
rdar://23591437 Closed nicolas.bouilleaud Developer Tools XCTestObservation crashes if removing an observer during a notification
rdar://21314581 Open me Developer Tools Xcode-7 (7A120f): Can't add NSURLProtocol to `protocolClasses`
rdar://20748671 Open sduke iOS SDK If an NSURLProtocol subclass is used with NSURLSession the request body is nil
rdar://20464240 Open dick iOS SDK It's not possible to perform a POST request with HTTPBody content in a WKWebView.
rdar://19860450 Open nolan.d.obrien iOS SDK Providing nil NSURLRequest to redirect completion handler hangs the NSURLSessionTask
rdar://19494690 Open nolan.d.obrien iOS SDK implementing URLSession:dataTask:didReceiveResponse:completionHandler: with a custom NSURLProtocol leads to continuous stopLoading/startLoading calls
rdar://18797093 Open hodgesmr1 iOS SDK MPMoviePlayerController No Longer Uses NSURLProtocol
rdar://18492325 Duplicate green iOS SDK WKWebView does not support custom URL protocols
rdar://18425900 Duplicate of 17190141 (Open) respectthecode iOS Custom NSURLProtocol cannot handle requests from WKWebView
rdar://17809816 Open nicolas.bouilleaud iOS SDK NSURLSession should pass its additional headers to NSURLProtocol
rdar://17240707 Open kbongort iOS SDK Custom NSURLProtocol cannot handle requests from WKWebView
rdar://17190141 Open andreamhuey iOS WKWebView requests cannot be handled by custom NSURLProtocol
rdar://16064972 Open david.anderson Documentation TN2302 Passbook FAQ is misleading with respect to UIWebView
rdar://15993891 Open luka.bernardi iOS SDK If an NSURLProtocol subclass is used with NSURLSession the request body is nil

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